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Moving to github

gContactSync is moving to github.  You can find the source code and report issues/request enhancements here.  Thanks to everyone at for hosting gContactSync these last 4.5 years!

Note: This announcement is only relevant to developers and others who would like to look at gContactSync’s source code.  The add-on should still be downloaded from and will still automatically update.


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I have been looking for and fixing bugs, so I am almost ready to release my extension either late today or tomorrow if everything works out as planned.  I’m going to be pretty busy today through Saturday, so I might not be able to respond to comments/bugs until then.


I have a project on mozdev for it now – that I still have to update.  The source code is available there.

IM bug

I found a bug that might actually be on Google’s side.  When you create a new IM address it doesn’t have a default type (says “Choose”), unlike the other typed attributes.  The XML it sends to the client is as follows: <gd:im address=”: address” label=”CUSTOM”/> where the screenname is “address”.  Notice the “: ” added to it.  When this is sent back to Google for the first time, it is accepted, but the IM address has a colon and space added to the front.  So, the extension now checks for these IM addresses and removes the “: ” if present.  These IM addresses do not show up in Thunderbird since they don’t have a type.

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