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New version of gContactSync out – 0.1 beta 3 (0.1b3)

I apologize for yet another beta, but I added several new features and would like a little more time to test them before releasing version 0.1.0.  You can download it here (the tutorial hasn’t been updated yet). Sorry, here is the actual download.

Just as a notice, I will be busy for most of this week preparing and moving back into my dorm for college, so it will take me longer to respond to bugs and questions.

Upgrade Instructions

Please backup your contacts before installing this version just to be safe.

The upgrade should go well (unless you have mail lists–see below), but I strongly suggest removing your authentication token first.  You can do this in 0.1b2 if you open the main Thunderbird window and go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Preferences (Options) under gContactSync.  There is a button named Remove Authentication Token that you should click.  In any case, you will have to sign in again.  Then, install 0.1b3 like you normally would.  The next time you open the Address Book window you will be asked for your username and password, as well as the usual initial setup preferences.

Note: If you use mailing lists, you should delete the synchronized address book first or the lists (and Groups) might be removed.

Somebody reported that Thunderbird 2 crashed after opening the Address Book once the new extension was installed (Bug 19838), but I haven’t been able to so myself.  If it happens to you, please let me know so I can figure out why this happened.  The reporter was able to fix it by adding an account in the Preferences.

New Features

  • Ability to synchronize multiple accounts (with multiple address books).  Bug 19715
  • Synchronization of phone types (the first 7 phone numbers are synced). Bug 19800
  • Extra features for Thunderbird 3.0b1pre (New attributes available in the new card dialog, extra tree columns to view and sort by in the list of cards, etc)
  • Easy renaming of address book (can do it from the Address Book window)

Bug Fixes

  • Better drag and drop of mail lists. Bug 19766
  • Improved duplicate detection for updated cards
  • Critical – Changing the address book name to an existing one may delete all contacts. Bug 19805

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