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gContactSync Version 0.1 beta 2 (0.1b2) released

The second and final 0.1 beta version of gContactSync is now available for download.  This beta will probably not last as long as 0.1b1 did and there probably won’t be any significant new features before the first release.  If you would like me to add a new feature, help translate, or report a bug, please see this or e-mail me.

Tutorial (not changed much)

Download page

Thank you to Mozdev for hosting the project and everybody who gave feedback and/or reported a bug!


It should upgrade cleanly from 0.1b1, so just download it from the link above and install it like normal.  If you have contacts with multiple screennames, you should rename or delete the synchronized address book first.

New Features

Bug Fixes

It comes with several bug fixes:

  • Bug 19732 (and  19739) – Title, Organization values exchanged in gcontactsync 0.1b1
  • Bug 19733Dragging a card to a mail list in the same directory makes the card appear twice
  • Bug 19740GContact.encodeString and GContact.decodeString are unnecessary
  • Bug 19750Extra columns for the address book results pane don’t work prior to Mailnews bug 413260