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Version 0.4.0 beta 1

Version 0.4.0b1

Note: Version 0.4.0b2 was released today with two fixes for adding contacts.

I’ve released version 0.4.0b1 with full support for the latest versions of Thunderbird, including the nightlies.

If you try it please let me know, I’d like to get 0.4.0 out early in 2013.

You can download it here.  Scroll to the bottom and expand Developer Channel.  If you already downloaded a development version it will automatically update.

Changes since version 0.3


  • The first sync merges existing contacts and groups/mailing lists
  • Postal addresses are synchronized by default
  • gContactSync uses Thunderbird’s existing address fields now that Google parses addresses
  • Added Postbox 3 support
  • Minor Accounts dialog changes
  • Added an option to sync only the selected address book to the AB context menu
  • Prevents a duplicate master password prompt when Thunderbird is started
  • Miscellaneous improvements to importing contacts
    • Contacts are merged when possible.  Note that most sources only have display names and photos, so gContactSync only merges contacts with identical names (or primary e-mail address for Plaxo).
    • Better UI for picking the destination address book
  • Removed the “Other” tab on the preferences dialog.  This just caused confusion and I don’t know of anyone who actually used it.  The feature is still there, but only customizable through the Config Editor.
  • Better handling and mitigation of 503 (Service Unavailable) errors.
  • Button to clean up old contact photos (TB and gContactSync can both leave old photos behind)
  • Uses the new chat fields in Thunderbird instead of adding new fields

Bug Fixes

  • Treat infinite last modified dates as being older
  • Fixed a strict JavaScript warning (no functional change)
  • Support for empty extended property value names (Other tab of the Preferences dialog)
  • Prevents a duplicate master password prompt when Thunderbird is started
  • Makes sure that the dummy e-mail address is added to a contact if it is being edited from the mailing list.
  • Bug fix for the preference to not sync contact photos (if a new Thunderbird contact had a photo gContactSync would add it to Google)
  • Photos synchronized or imported by gContactSync will still work when gContactSync is disabled or uninstalled (NOTE – this only applies to contacts synchronized or imported starting with 0.4.0a3)
  • Version 0.4.0b2 – Two bug fixes for adding contacts

Changes since 0.4.0a4


  •  Switched to using Thunderbird’s new native chat fields.  This requires a one-time upgrade when moving from a pre-0.4.0b1 version to a version after this change.
  • Added support for the new “App Menu” in Thunderbird (versus the traditional menu bar)
  • Removed the use of some deprecated functions
  • Supports the newest daily build of Thunderbird
  • Groups feeds from Google are backed up

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where IM addresses without a protocol or custom label would cause an error. (version 0.4.0a5)

Future Changes in 0.4

  • Include number of errors in the summary