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Progress Update

Just thought I ought to give a progress update since I’ve been quiet for a while now…

I have just graduated from Michigan Tech with a BS in Computer Engineering (a mix of Computer Science [software] and Electrical Engineering [hardware]) and I start working full-time on May 16th as a Firmware Engineer.

I am now recovering from “video-assisted thoracoscopy” which I got a week ago to prevent further lung collapses.  My lung decided to collapse for the third time at the end of 2010 so I decided to get the problem fixed before I work full-time.  I’m doing pretty well now and glad that I won’t really have to worry about this in the future. 🙂

gContactSync – Thunderbird

Now that I’m less busy I should be able to release 0.3.3 with some new locales soon and possibly a bugfix or two.  I haven’t started on 0.4 but I hope to at least figure out what it will do soon.

I requested that gContactSync get reviewed by the team last year and still haven’t heard anything.  That would get rid of it’s “Experimental” tag, allow it to update automatically, and would allow contributions (donations) again through


I got an Android phone to play around with while in the hospital and now that I can tolerate coding for a fair amount of time, I decided to see what I do with it today.  I noticed that the Contacts app only shows and syncs contacts in your “My Contacts” system group, but my contacts are nicely organized in various groups.  I made a quick app as a proof-of-concept that will get all your groups for the selected Google Account on your phone then gets the contacts in the selected group.  It doesn’t do much right now, but remember this was done in a few hours and I’ve never developed anything or really researched developing on the Android yet:

The first or second screen.  First it will ask you which linked account you wish to get contacts for if you have more than one Google Account linked with your device.  This is only shown once, and you can switch accounts easily later.

Once the account is selected Android will ask you if you want to allow gContactSync to access your contacts.  This is only shown once if you click Allow.

Request to give gContactSync access to your contacts

Once you allow gContactSync to access your contacts it will get a list of your groups, plus an entry to show all contacts.  Right now you have to long-press a group to show contacts in that group.

A list of contact groups

A list of contact groups

After selecting a group gContactSync will fetch and display the contacts in that group.  The back button will bring you back to the list of groups.

Right now contact data isn’t displayed, but it is stored (except for the photo at the moment).  I just have to figure out how to best display the data.

A list of contacts in the selected groups



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