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gContactSync 0.3.0 Beta 1 Available

I’ve just released the first beta version of 0.3.0. I feel it is ready to be in a beta as there are no known bugs other than some quirks with postal addresses in Google’s API.  For now postal address synchronization is disabled by default, but you can enable it in the Advanced tab of the Preferences dialog.

This version adds support for importing friends from Facebook, including photos.  It can also import contacts from Plaxo and usernames/photos from your friends on MySpace.  Right now the import does not attempt to match contacts that it finds with existing contacts and imports from Facebook and MySpace do not include e-mail addresses.

As a recap, here’s a quick list of the features.  Download link at the bottom.


  • Can synchronize your Google Contacts (external link) (Gmail, Google Apps, etc.) with Mozilla Thunderbird (external link).
  • Supports multiple Google Accounts and Address Books
  • Groups in Google can be synchronized with individual Address Books or mailing lists in one AB
  • Each Address Book can be synchronized with one of the following:
    • All contacts and all groups with mailing lists
    • One specific group
    • All contacts
  • Every synchronized AB can have its own custom settings
  • You can choose to complete synchronize your contacts (so Thunderbird matches Google), to only read changes from Google but never apply TB’s changes, or to only write to Google and never apply changes made remotely.
  • Contact photos are synchronized (only visible in Thunderbird 3 & Seamonkey 2)
  • Supports importing contacts/friends from Facebook, MySpace, and Plaxo, including photos.

Changes from 0.2:

  • The Accounts section of the Preferences dialog has been moved to its own dialog
  • Each Address Book now can have its own preferences (defaulting to their previous value in 0.2) and synchronization settings
  • New fields (“People”) and types for existing fields (many more phone number types)
  • Contact photos are synchronized (only visible in Thunderbird 3 & Seamonkey 2)
  • The birthday field in Thunderbird 3 is synchronized
  • More links in the gContactSync menu
  • The Sync button can now be customized like a normal toolbar button in Thunderbird. However, you must go to View -> Toolbars -> Customize and add the button to the toolbar yourself
  • You can synchronize from the main Thunderbird window
  • The import functionality is new.

You can download the latest version of 0.3 here.

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