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gContactSync 0.2.8

gContactSync version 0.2.8 has been released.  I realized that I have been forgetting to make a quick blog post about each release, so here’s a basic summary of recent versions.

Download here.

The best way to stay up-to-date on new versions is probably through Twitter: gcontactsync

Supported Applications

  • Thunderbird 2
  • Thunderbird 3 (all versions, including beta 4 and 3.0pre)
  • Thunderbird 3.1a1pre
  • Seamonkey 2 (all versions, including beta 2 and 2.0pre)

Version 0.2.8

  • Fixes ‘broken’ usernames that were able to get an authentication token but failed when trying to get contacts or groups. (usernames only without a domain or with spaces at the beginning or end)
  • Fixed the install.rdf file for Seamonkey

Version 0.2.7

  • Bug fix for renewing expired authentication tokens

Version 0.2.6

  • Updated the Portuguese translation
  • Mailing Lists (groups) in Thunderbird now use their translated names
  • The log moved to the main profile directory

Version 0.2.5

  • Adds the following new languages:
    • Portuguese (devezas on BabelZilla)
    • Russian (Glk63)
    • Spanish (with help from Guillermo Klew from

Version 0.2.4

  • Fixed a bug with adding or renaming groups
  • Minor updates to the Italian translation (thanks ZaZy)

Version 0.3 Update

This deserves its own blog post, but here is a basic summary.  I don’t have a tentative release date yet since this is just a hobby, not a job. Wink

The main delay is described here. College (a full 18 credits) and my job (programming) don’t exactly leave me with much free time, either.


  • Support for Google’s new API
  • Support for downloading contact photos*
  • Synchronized birthday field**
  • ‘Relation’ fields (Mother, Father, Coworker, etc.
  • More phone number types

Potential Features

  • The individual address fields may be synchronized instead of using the new address fields
  • Support for adding, updating, and removing contact photos

*I (among others) worked on contact photos for the Address Book in Thunderbird 3 beta 4/Seamonkey 2.0 Beta 2.  gContactSync 0.3 and up will download photos in all supported applications, but you’ll have to use TB 3 or SM 2 to see them.
**I worked on a birthday field for the address book in Thunderbird 3/Seamonkey 2.  If you use TB 2 the values are synchronized but not displayed.  Google also added a birthday field after the changes were made in Thunderbird.

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