gContactSync Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is gContactSync?

gContactSync is an add-on that synchronizes contacts between Google (Gmail) and an Address Book in Thunderbird.
You can synchronize multiple accounts with multiple address books, and it fully supports regular and hosted Google Accounts.

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Warning: Please backup your contacts before using gContactSync.

Which applications does it support?

Where can I download it?

Why do some of my contacts have strange nobody...@nowhere.invalid e-mail addresses?

Why do I get an error saying cookies are disabled?

Why do I see an error about being offline when I'm online?

Why do I see a 403 error when trying to login?

What happened to phone numbers? Why don't the phone columns match between the top and bottom half of the address book?

Why do I get an "Unresponsive Script" error?

Why do some contacts get updated when I haven't changed them?

Why can't I see the 10 extra properties I added in Gmail?

Why doesn't drag and drop work to mailing lists?

How can I add contacts to my address book without drag and drop?

Can I synchronize multiple address books?

Why does gContactSync always say "Synchronizing..."?

Where did the sync button go?

I sure would like the convenience of the automatic contact sync, but adding my gmail login credentials to this (or any) plugin makes me uneasy. How can I be sure this is secure?

Why does the summary show a different number of deleted contacts than what I was asked to confirm?

I use 2-step verification on my Google Account, can I still use gContactSync? (InvalidSectorFactor in the log)

Why aren't postal addresses synchronized?

I like gContactSync but don't know how to program, can I help?

When will birthdays, nicknames, websites and photos be synchronized?

Why do I see a message saying "One or more of your mailing lists has broken"?

Why can't I login?

Which attributes/fields are synchronized?